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a similar case but with better outcome

por Scarlet Kleen (2016-10-31)

an interesting case..I even used it for my research with but still I remember a similar case with the patient with  same symptoms but he was revived from the... Leer más

How weak are our body and heart

por Emily Braun (2016-12-09)

This is so sad... to read cases about Myocardial Infarction. Also about every  disease which leads to the worst outcome. While preparing and collecting some information for student's work on Leer más

magra por aqui

por felipe luna (2017-04-28)

A dieta south beach bem como qualquer dieta imensamente acessível da aniquilamento compadecimento ascendência fabricada ao longo de cardiologista no entanto lhe propósito barroco tempo proteger-se doenças... Leer más


por Andy Warholl (2017-09-08)

If we are talking about future, you have to know that nowadays, it`s important to save your time. We are living in time where information is available, and the only reason we wont have a chance to get this info - is lack of time!